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Michele Garlick, CNWI

Michele Garlick is a Certified Nose Work Instructor™, professional dog trainer and owner of Whole K9 LLC in Orinda, CA. She holds a BS in Psychology and enjoyed a first career as a Corporate Trainer and technology project manager in New York City. Michele came to pet dog training over 7 years ago in California while pursuing her competitive interests in dog sports. Since then, Michele has worked with numerous private pets and shelter dogs at the East Bay SPCA and San Francisco SPCA and has taught a variety of classes from puppy socialization through reactive dog. 


While working with pet and shelter dogs, Michele was seeking a creative outlet for reactive dogs and their handlers which led her to attend the first ever Northern California K9 Nose Work   workshop. Michele loved the possibilities for all dogs, became a certified instructor and now teaches all levels of K9 Nose Work , working with handlers with shy and reactive dogs looking for fun, up through teams preparing for NW3 competition. 


Michele is a graduate of the Marin Humane Society's Canine Behavior Academy as well as Bob Bailey’s Chicken Camps, and is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers. Michele currently serves as the Detection Liaison for The Police and Working K-9 Foundation, is certified in pet first aid and CPR and is active with local German Shepherd rescue.